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Yoga Classes with Gabi

Inhale the future, exhale the past. We have all been given a body. A body, that is meant to be moved.

About my journey:

My name is Gabrune Sablinskaite - yoga instructor, dancer and movement lover.

In my professional dance career I used to judge myself and feel very upset with my body. There began my journey into the search of happiness, where I met YOGA. Yoga practice brought peace and gratitude into my life. I learned how to breathe, accept and let go.

"Wherever mind goes, body follows"

I spent a month in Bali learning Yoga techniques, philosophy and history from the best teachers I know! The knowledge I collected there and the experience I took with me I share through my yoga classes.

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Through the movement we can communicate, express our emotions, create shapes and liberate our minds.

But sometimes we judge our bodies too much and we don't trust it's beauty and potential. Here comes yoga - a practice that teaches us how to unite the body and mind while looking into inside, rather than judging the outside. 

I don't have a special body. But by extensively studying and combining the knowledge from my dance and physical training background, I was able to discover the true potential that we all have and that’s what I like to share with my students.

Join my journey of movement design and learn how to create art with your body! 🙂

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